Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Bus Adventures

So after our sojourn on Thursday, we felt confident enough too try actually GOING somewhere on the buses, rather than just riding a complete route.

Since the kids's library cards also function as free bus passes to and from the library, and since I had a couple of overdue books, (And a reading habbit to support, doncha'know,) we went to the nearest stop and hopped on the first bus that swung by. Unfortunately, we didn't pay much attention to the route number, and realized partway through the ride that we were on a heretofore unknown weekend route "E." The upside? It swings by the park/zoo complex, and is a really pretty route. However, it does not stop by the library.

Fortunately for us, it does stop at the transit center, which is approximately two blocks from the library. The
Big Guy and Bannanarama took off on foot, while myself and little Zorro transferred our derrieres over to the proper bus, and got dropped off at the front door if the library.

Crisis averted. Whew! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guitars and pianos and dancers, oh my!

The talent show went well - every bit as fun and hectic and charming as you would expect a bunch of kids getting up to strut their stuff would be.

We had a last minute addition - the youngest sister of two of the kids who had recited poems decided that she was feeling brave, and recited her poem. It was her very first time performing, and she did wonderfully. (And had a great big grin that let us know she was having a ball!)

This afternoon, the kids and I are going on a little adventure. Actually, we're just catching the bus that comes closest to our house, and riding the whole route. I completely HATE driving, and we have an inexpensive bus system in town, so we are going to try to start using it! (The women and the transit office gave us the idea to just ride the complete route to familiarize ourselves with it.) The schedules and maps are a bit confusing, so hopefully this will help clear up some of that. As an extra bonus, the kids's library cards work as bus passes to and from the library!

Talent Show Today!

Well, we're off to the Senior Citizens Center today for our annual Homeschool Talent Show. I've organized it for the past three years. The Senior center is a wonderful venue - the stage is about the size of a postage stamp, but there is always an appreciative audience. Hectic, but fun.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr.

It's Marting Luther King Jr. Day here in the United States.

Nothing conveys the spirit of the man quite like hearing him speak,
so here's a page that has several audio clips, including the "I Have a Dream" speech. (I'll admit that listening to it this morning as I was planning my day quite moved me to tears.)

Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute

The Civil Rights movement always intrigued me as a schoolchild, and I never felt like we got to study enough - only enough so that we knew it existed. But here were these people, ordinary, everyday folk, courageously standding up for their rights, and the rights of other people. And this was living history, history that people could still remember, history that happened within my own parents's lifetimes. (But I guess it was more important that we have yet another unit study on Jamestown.)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wait...You mean this can be FUN??

Occasionally, when people talk of homeschooling, we tend to go on and on in Big Important Sounding Phrases About Child Centered Learning,and Responsibility For Our Child's Education, and etc.

Part of this may be a reaction to those who would smother us in "educationese" to scare us away from taking on this adventure. Part of it may be that this is a new path we are embarking on, and using Big Important Sounding Phrases help us somehow feel more secure about what we are doing.

But I sometime talk to parents who are considering homeschooling, or maybe thinking of it, but worried they will not be able to manage the responsibility, or that they will be miserable. This is when I lean in close to them, and whisper in their ear, "You know? The best part is that we have so much FUN together!" That fun, that joy, sometimes get lost among talk of Responsibility and Curriculum and Lesson Plans.

But let's all remember, (no need to "make it so") that learning is intrinsically astoundingly FUN!


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