Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr.

It's Marting Luther King Jr. Day here in the United States.

Nothing conveys the spirit of the man quite like hearing him speak,
so here's a page that has several audio clips, including the "I Have a Dream" speech. (I'll admit that listening to it this morning as I was planning my day quite moved me to tears.)

Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute

The Civil Rights movement always intrigued me as a schoolchild, and I never felt like we got to study enough - only enough so that we knew it existed. But here were these people, ordinary, everyday folk, courageously standding up for their rights, and the rights of other people. And this was living history, history that people could still remember, history that happened within my own parents's lifetimes. (But I guess it was more important that we have yet another unit study on Jamestown.)

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