Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Bus Adventures

So after our sojourn on Thursday, we felt confident enough too try actually GOING somewhere on the buses, rather than just riding a complete route.

Since the kids's library cards also function as free bus passes to and from the library, and since I had a couple of overdue books, (And a reading habbit to support, doncha'know,) we went to the nearest stop and hopped on the first bus that swung by. Unfortunately, we didn't pay much attention to the route number, and realized partway through the ride that we were on a heretofore unknown weekend route "E." The upside? It swings by the park/zoo complex, and is a really pretty route. However, it does not stop by the library.

Fortunately for us, it does stop at the transit center, which is approximately two blocks from the library. The
Big Guy and Bannanarama took off on foot, while myself and little Zorro transferred our derrieres over to the proper bus, and got dropped off at the front door if the library.

Crisis averted. Whew! :)

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