Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wait...You mean this can be FUN??

Occasionally, when people talk of homeschooling, we tend to go on and on in Big Important Sounding Phrases About Child Centered Learning,and Responsibility For Our Child's Education, and etc.

Part of this may be a reaction to those who would smother us in "educationese" to scare us away from taking on this adventure. Part of it may be that this is a new path we are embarking on, and using Big Important Sounding Phrases help us somehow feel more secure about what we are doing.

But I sometime talk to parents who are considering homeschooling, or maybe thinking of it, but worried they will not be able to manage the responsibility, or that they will be miserable. This is when I lean in close to them, and whisper in their ear, "You know? The best part is that we have so much FUN together!" That fun, that joy, sometimes get lost among talk of Responsibility and Curriculum and Lesson Plans.

But let's all remember, (no need to "make it so") that learning is intrinsically astoundingly FUN!

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Leslie Kauffman said...

Great post! I found your blog after you left a very sweet comment on one of mine -- glad to find someone who shares the sense that fun is fundamental. It seems like your kids are older, but you might be interested in my newest project, DIY Preschool ( Looking forward to reading more about your homeschooling adventures ....