Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Egg-citing!

Sorry, couldn't help myself. We did a craft project with some of those plastic easter eggs that start popping up EVERYWHERE this time of year. (Although these are some that we had left over from last year.)

Plastic easter eggs

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Put the rice in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I've heard that this will kill off any little buggies that may be lurking. If the thought that there is a remote possibility of meal worms invading your craft project grosses you out, use some small beads instead. Scoop a little bit into the egg. Experiment with different amounts until you like the way it sounds when you close it and shake.

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Smear a little glue on the rim of the egg and close it up

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Now Paint! (We used some paint that was formulated especially for plastic, but any acrylic paint should probably work okay.)

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Let dry, and you have a full basket of music-making, egg-shaking goodness!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We love packages!

What a wonderful way to wake up! Our mask swap package has arrived!

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More pictures of the many goodies within later!

Monday, February 26, 2007


My daughter drew me this on Sunday - notice the John Woo double-fisted coffee cup action! (One says "Julie" and the other one "love." I was informed that this was a "Mommy SuperPants" picture. (How much do I love the fact that she drew me in my very favorite penguin jammy bottoms?!)

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Friday, February 23, 2007

I heart Judy Blume

Have for a long time, really. Here's one more reason:

Excerpt from Places I Never Meant to Be

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Super Pig! Defender of My Computer!

I mentioned that Bannanarama's been working on a series of pig sculptures. This is the one I got, to guard my computer:

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Isn't she cute? (And awesome too!:))

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Share and Tell!

Bannanarama is curled up on the couch feeling ucky, Zorro is engrossed in a game of Pokemon. Or DragonBall Z. Or Jake the American Dragon. One of those, anyway.

I came across this website today, and had to share:
A Magical Childhood

It's all about enjoying life and playing with our kids, not because it is going to turn them into some sort of super-genius by the time they're twelve, but because play, imagination, and exploration are valuable in and of themselves.

I also giggled at her article on "Bathtime as a Parenting Tool," and felt a bit as if she just might be a kindred spirit. My kids are a bit past the shared baths age, but, oh! how many days my sanity was completely saved by a tub full of warm water when they were still toddlers. Hmm..I think with all the stress we've had lately, a weekend trip to:
Lava Hot Springs
just might be in order!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Easy-does-it Day

Not quite a "lazy day," but an "easy does it" day, at any rate.

After the animals were all fed and watered, both the kids grabbed a Time&Money workbook, and sat on the couch doing a couple of pages out of those while I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (Alright, truth in advertising, I know that sounds terribly domestic, but they were the kind that come in a tube, not actually homemade.:))

Bannanarama's coming down with a cold, so we walked to Jamba Juice for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day playing on the computer and making things with clay. (Bannanarama has a whole series of pig sculptures she is working on.) They also played with the alphabet stencil I picked up for them at the dollar store yesterday.

And because, y'know, I AM a mom, here's the cute kid story for the day:
Zorro asked for ice cream after dinner this evening, a request which he promptly followed with a snuggle, an endearing look, and an "I love you." I hugged him back, and observed that he was "buttering me up." At this point, he looked at me a trifle indignantly, and proclaimed that he hadn't put any butter on me whatsoever! (We then talked about it being a figure of speech, and he got his ice cream.:))

Monday, February 19, 2007

Aren't Grandparents, well, grand?

The kids have had a fun couple of days staying with their grandparents in the evenings while the big guy and I were busy with Vagina Monologues. (Me as director and performer, he as sound guy, and all-around awesome helper.) We live right around the corner from the big guy's folks, and it's really nice to have family so close - a modern day extended tribe. (And Grandma cooks and bakes with them as well - I'm good at messy arts-n-crafts type stuff, but the kitchen? Well, er, not one of my strengths.:))

They got to spend lots of time with their littlest cousin, playing with her, and helping take care of her. Bannanarama got to talk to another one of her cousins on the phone today, and then got on the computer to send aforesaid cousin an email as soon as she was home. Zorro spent enough time bouncing on his Pogo stick to ensure his cheeks were thouroughly rosy. They also helped with Grandma and Grandpa's ducks, which is always a treat for them.

We finished reading "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on Friday. (And yes, even knowing what was coming, I still bawled like a baby. What can I say? I'm a soft touch.:)) We'll decide tommorow if we want to jump right in to "The Half Blood Prince," or take a Harry Potter break, and read some other chapter book together first. (Any suggestions?)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Masks! (WARNING! Swap spoilers within!)

WARNING! Contains swap spoilers for anyone participating in the mini mask swap!

We signed up for Sarajane Helm's miniature mask swap. We read Masks by Kevin K. Casey for inspiration and information. And despite all the craziness that has been a part of our lives lately, we did manage to get our masks completed, and in the mail just in the nick of time.

These are mine:

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And here's Bannanarama's (who was THRILLED to be participating in this swap)
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In another week or two, after Sarajane has sorted and redistributed, we will be getting back our very own collection of miniature masks from all sorts of different people! The Post Office and the Internet are wonderful, wonderful things.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright...

Although the reasons for visiting SLC were not fun ones, we did manage to squeeze some fun out of the trip. This was at Hogle Zoo.

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I know that some people dislike zoos, and while I understand the preference that wild animals live in the wild, I also think a well-run zoo where the animals have spacious enclosures and excellent care can be a very good thing for all animals. Otherwise, I would probably never in my life have the opportunity to see live elephants, giraffes, tigers, rhinos. There is something awesome about being in their presence, and it makes me inspired, motivated, determined, to work at making choices that make the earth a healthier place for all of us who live here.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Sighs of Relief...

It looks like Bannanarama is going to be just fine. We have a couple of adjustments to make for prevention and safety, and some (expensive) medicine she will have to take, but she is going to be okay.

I think I need a good cry now that the necessity to be absolutely strong, and calm, and reassuring for dear daughter has passed.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some People Just Don't Get It.

When Bannanarama was getting her MRI -

Technician: So, what grade are you in?
Bannanarama: Um...
Big Guy: We Homeschool.
Technician: Oh, okay.
Big Guy: In fact, right now we're learning about magnets
Technician: Oh cool, did you know that this is a great big magnet?
Big Guy: Uh, yeah, that was kinda my point.

She's been asked several times what grade she's in, and has come up with an answer I quite like,
"Second, third, and fourth grade."
To which her parents must boastingly add:
"Probably closer to fifth or sixth in reading!"

Edited to add: And we've had some good news - the blood tests and MRI all came back normal, although we are still waiting on the EEG. We head to SLC on Thursday to see a pediatric neurologist. We will make lemondade out of lemons, GOSHDURNIT, and are planning to visit the zoo or the children's museum while we are there.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Okay - we're playing the "Hurry up and wait" game anxiously awaiting the results of all Bannanarama's tests, so in the meantime - we're going to focus on the positive.

Right now, we're working on getting our masks finished, packaged, and ready to go for the "Polymer clay miniature mask swap" which is hosted by the divine Sarajane Helm. Go and visit her site! She's an amazing artist, and a fabulous woman!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Well, that was NOT fun.

Sorry I've been MIA - I had planned some fun posts on why we adore Pippi Longstocking (the original unschooler,) mask making, and the wonders of the postal service, but life threw a great big monkey wrench into our plans when our daughter had a seizure upon waking mid-way through the week.

So, after calming her down, getting hubby home from work, seeing our physician's assistant, and getting various tests scheduled, what did we do? Well, aside from hovering over-protectively over dear daughter, we went online with her to How Stuff Works and looked up information about MRI machines. She was still frightened and nervous when we went, but at least had some idea of what to expect. (And while mom and dad are biting their fingernails over what the results will be, she did think it was pretty cool to get to see images of her brain.)