Monday, February 19, 2007

Aren't Grandparents, well, grand?

The kids have had a fun couple of days staying with their grandparents in the evenings while the big guy and I were busy with Vagina Monologues. (Me as director and performer, he as sound guy, and all-around awesome helper.) We live right around the corner from the big guy's folks, and it's really nice to have family so close - a modern day extended tribe. (And Grandma cooks and bakes with them as well - I'm good at messy arts-n-crafts type stuff, but the kitchen? Well, er, not one of my strengths.:))

They got to spend lots of time with their littlest cousin, playing with her, and helping take care of her. Bannanarama got to talk to another one of her cousins on the phone today, and then got on the computer to send aforesaid cousin an email as soon as she was home. Zorro spent enough time bouncing on his Pogo stick to ensure his cheeks were thouroughly rosy. They also helped with Grandma and Grandpa's ducks, which is always a treat for them.

We finished reading "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on Friday. (And yes, even knowing what was coming, I still bawled like a baby. What can I say? I'm a soft touch.:)) We'll decide tommorow if we want to jump right in to "The Half Blood Prince," or take a Harry Potter break, and read some other chapter book together first. (Any suggestions?)

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