Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Easy-does-it Day

Not quite a "lazy day," but an "easy does it" day, at any rate.

After the animals were all fed and watered, both the kids grabbed a Time&Money workbook, and sat on the couch doing a couple of pages out of those while I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (Alright, truth in advertising, I know that sounds terribly domestic, but they were the kind that come in a tube, not actually homemade.:))

Bannanarama's coming down with a cold, so we walked to Jamba Juice for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day playing on the computer and making things with clay. (Bannanarama has a whole series of pig sculptures she is working on.) They also played with the alphabet stencil I picked up for them at the dollar store yesterday.

And because, y'know, I AM a mom, here's the cute kid story for the day:
Zorro asked for ice cream after dinner this evening, a request which he promptly followed with a snuggle, an endearing look, and an "I love you." I hugged him back, and observed that he was "buttering me up." At this point, he looked at me a trifle indignantly, and proclaimed that he hadn't put any butter on me whatsoever! (We then talked about it being a figure of speech, and he got his ice cream.:))

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