Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Share and Tell!

Bannanarama is curled up on the couch feeling ucky, Zorro is engrossed in a game of Pokemon. Or DragonBall Z. Or Jake the American Dragon. One of those, anyway.

I came across this website today, and had to share:
A Magical Childhood

It's all about enjoying life and playing with our kids, not because it is going to turn them into some sort of super-genius by the time they're twelve, but because play, imagination, and exploration are valuable in and of themselves.

I also giggled at her article on "Bathtime as a Parenting Tool," and felt a bit as if she just might be a kindred spirit. My kids are a bit past the shared baths age, but, oh! how many days my sanity was completely saved by a tub full of warm water when they were still toddlers. Hmm..I think with all the stress we've had lately, a weekend trip to:
Lava Hot Springs
just might be in order!

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