Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some People Just Don't Get It.

When Bannanarama was getting her MRI -

Technician: So, what grade are you in?
Bannanarama: Um...
Big Guy: We Homeschool.
Technician: Oh, okay.
Big Guy: In fact, right now we're learning about magnets
Technician: Oh cool, did you know that this is a great big magnet?
Big Guy: Uh, yeah, that was kinda my point.

She's been asked several times what grade she's in, and has come up with an answer I quite like,
"Second, third, and fourth grade."
To which her parents must boastingly add:
"Probably closer to fifth or sixth in reading!"

Edited to add: And we've had some good news - the blood tests and MRI all came back normal, although we are still waiting on the EEG. We head to SLC on Thursday to see a pediatric neurologist. We will make lemondade out of lemons, GOSHDURNIT, and are planning to visit the zoo or the children's museum while we are there.

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