Monday, February 12, 2007

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright...

Although the reasons for visiting SLC were not fun ones, we did manage to squeeze some fun out of the trip. This was at Hogle Zoo.

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I know that some people dislike zoos, and while I understand the preference that wild animals live in the wild, I also think a well-run zoo where the animals have spacious enclosures and excellent care can be a very good thing for all animals. Otherwise, I would probably never in my life have the opportunity to see live elephants, giraffes, tigers, rhinos. There is something awesome about being in their presence, and it makes me inspired, motivated, determined, to work at making choices that make the earth a healthier place for all of us who live here.


rachizzle dizzle white bread said...

I'm sorry that this doesn't really have anything to do with the lovely zoo post but.....

i'm a fellow craftster and i saw the word homeschool in your profile and clicked.
and for some reason i felt compelled to say that i was homeschooled up until 8th grade and it was the greatest thing my parents could have ever done. i'm now in public school by my own choice but i remember it being such a rewarding experience. i think basically what i'm trying to say is: you are being the coolest parent ever and one day your kids will look back and appreciate it. if they don't already.

i pray your daughter is ok and i apologize for the longest comment in the world.

rachizzle dizzle white bread said...

P.S. i'm sorry to comment again.
but i too remember the awkward times of people asking me what grade i was in.
i would just say "i don't know but i'm really smart."

i was only like 6 so i could get away with it.

Julie said...

I love the "I know I'm really smart" comment! (And it made my daughter giggle when I told her, too!

Thanks for posting - it's always really nice to hear from homeschoolers who enjoyed their experience. And thanks for your good thoughts for my daughter, I appreciate it.