Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sure, you can do worksheets, but...

The kids are up and fed, they've tidied up the kitchen, they've watered, fed, and played with all the critters (have I mentioned all the critters? That'll have to be a post for another time.)

We could sit down and do some worksheets, but they've requested use of the video camera and are brimming with creative energy and stories to tell, so I think instead I will let them "follow their bliss" and work on making movies today. For them, it's sheer fun. I won't hover over them and mention all the things they are learning and working on - like how to tell a story, develop characters, setting, plot, etc., the problem solving they are having to do, and if they ever shape these things into a more finished form, the computer and technology skills they will be learning and using.

After some lovely weather that had us convinced that Spring was well and truly here - We had a snowstorm yesterday! AND it is cold enough that there was still some white stuff on the ground this morning. I'm usually not one to complain too much about the weather (being a farmer's granddaughter will do that for you - "We need the rain" was the mantra for much of my childhood. :)) But ARUGH! I am so, so ready for SPRING and warm weather.

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