Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Small Space Gardening (on the cheap!)

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I love green, growing things. I really love green, growing things that smell wonderful and are useful as well. Unfortunately, I've never been especially talented at helping green, growing things, well, grow!

So this year, with the kids help, I'm experimenting with a small (manageable) tabletop garden of herbs in containers. We got the herbs on sale, and put them in bowls and trash cans we found at the dollar store. (The trash bins are actually quite pretty.) I drilled drainage holes with my handy-dandy Dremel tool, in went some potting soil, and the plants. The kids each have their own watering can, and have so far been much better at remembering to give our thirsty plants a drink than I ever have been. We'll see how it goes.

We have two pots of peppermint, a rosemary plant, cinnamon basil (it smells divine!) an oregano, and a chammomile. Not pictured, we also have a catnip plant, some chocolate mint, and a spearmint plant. (I'm, uh, rather a big fan of mint.)

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Aadel said...

Cute!! You can get miniature blueberry bushes and tomato plants that grow easily in containers. Search container gardening or urban sustainable living for more ideas! We are going to try an entire veggie garden in containers this year on our cement slab.