Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix!

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Had a fun afternoon, escaping from the heat in the cool movie theatre eating too expensive popcorn and cheering Harry on.

The pace of the movie felt a *tad* bit rushed to me, but I quite enjoyed it. The actress they have playing Luna? So perfect. Helena Bonham Carter was deliciously mad/evil as Bellatrix Lestrange as well.

*Spoiler alert* (If it can still be a spoiler this long after the book has come out, anyway.) They did have Lupin holding Harry back from the veil after Sirius died. For some reason, that was always a striking image for me from the book, especially since Lupin just lost a friend as well. I guess I always sort of hope that Harry and Lupin will become good friends as adults - they both seem to need that connection with the past as well as with other people. (Uh, wow, I am such a nerd.)

The themes of friendship and love winning out over powerful hatred were very strong in this movie. That is sort of what the series is all about. :)

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