Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random Compliments

I love getting random compliments when I wear things I've made. Last night, I went to the community musical production of "Secret Garden" (Lovely show - lots of talented people, amazing little girl, wonderful singing, but the show itself is a bit too full of artificial contrivances for my taste.)

The woman who was sitting behind me said, "Oh I love your necklace!" I thanked her, and told her I had made it. I gave her a bit of an explanation of how, but didn't think to give her a card for my etsy shop. I don't want to come across as "pushy" and I know there's a fine line.

It was a new style of necklace for me - made with a form, similar to my headbands, but I have been test-driving this one to make sure it's wearable. It is! So, I will be working on those this week, and posting them to my etsy shop!

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Lisa Clarke said...

I have a problem with that "fine line" myself, and I usually err on the side of keeping my card to myself. I carry my business cards with me all over the place, but I am rarely bold enough to give them out, even when I've been showered with complements!