Friday, August 31, 2007

Self-Portrait Thursday!

So I know I'm actually posting this on Friday, but I posted these two to the flickr group on Thursday:

I like the whole artsy thing I've got going on with the mirror in the one with me at the barre. I got a comment that the one with me and little Zorro had "good composition" which was nice, because frankly, I don't know that much about photography, I just kind of take lots and lots and lots of pictures, and crop them in a way that appeals to me. That one I just love because it was just me and the little guy taking a hike together, goofing off with the camera and spending time together.

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Lisa Clarke said...

Those are neat pictures. I just joined that flickr group myself and I think I'm going to have to work to get something more interesting than the old "hold the camera an arm's length away and see what you get" kind of shot... I like yours a lot. They're interesting and fun!