Friday, September 7, 2007

I've been tagged!

Hey! I've been tagged!
(I sort of feel like I've been invited to sit at the cool kids table, lol!)
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8 Random DancinJules Facts

1. I never put milk on my cereal. Ever. I can't stand the mushiness, so cruchy dry cereal it is for me! (This was a source of endless amusement whenever I went to slumber parties as a kid.)

2. I don't like pop. Soda, whatever. (It's pop around here, I just like the way "Soda" sounds) I can't stand the carbonation, ick. I will occasionally make exceptions for Jones Soda, or Jackson Hole Soda Company's Huckleberry Soda though. Any sort of colas I absolutely despise. (This was also a source of amusement to my friends when I was a teenager. How many teenagers do you know who ask politely if they can have a glass of milk at a pizza party?)

3. I've realized lately that it's not that much of a surprise that I've ended up working with clay. My favorite corner of the kindergarten classroom? The one with the playdough. My very favorite rainy day activity to beg my mom to do? Making up play clay. (My sister and I must have gone through tons of the stuff!) Although I once had a bad experience with earth clay. (I dropped it straight on the floor as soon as it was put in my hands. I think I wasn't expecting it to feel quite so cold and slimy.)

4. I can never remember the date of my wedding anniversary. neither can my husband. (This mutual forgetting at least gets us both off the hook though!) We know it's in November, but we always have to go check my MIL's calendar for the precise date. We can both tell you our "date-iversary" (The day of our first date) without pausing to think, though.

5. My very favorite movies in the whole world involve zombies and large quantities of blood. (Dead Alive, Dawn of the Dead, Sean of the Dead) This is somewhat surprising, seeing as how I wouldn't even watch horror flicks until I was, I dunno, fourteen of fifteen years old? I recently saw the movie "May" on the monster channel, and although it doesn't have any zombies, I think it may take its place as one of my favorites. (It does involve blood. It's sort of a modern day Frankenstein)

6. This sort of relates to the last one - Eyes make me squeamish. Like really, really squeamish. It's sort of a wonder that I EVER learned to put contact lenses in! My husband laughs at me, because I usually spend the gory parts of movies trying to figure out how they did stuff with him, but if there's anything to do with eyes, I'm covering MY eyes and whimpering.

7. I am a total Harry Potter nerd. I resisted reading the books at first, with that sort of "It's so popular, it can't actually be cool" sort of thing we sometimes do. But I had kids, so after being encouraged to read them by both my mom and sister, I borrowed the first four (all that were out at the time) from my mom, started reading, and ended up devouring them all in about a week! And then joined in the ranks of fans impatiently waiting for Book number 5. (Books 5,6, and 7 were all delivered to my house on the release date, and read within the first twenty four hours after recieving them) Since I'm a total bookworm and also read Poe, and Shakespeare, and Bronte, and Shelley, I'm not too worried about people who are disgusted by adults who read and enjoy Harry Potter and think we're intellectually lazy and don't read anything else. Oh yeah, and I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SNAPE!! WOOHOO! (Sorry, have to gloat, my husband was convinced he was just a turd and I only thought he was a good guy because of my Alan Rickman lust-clouded eyes, hehehe.)

7. I'm a complete softie. I cry at movies, when I read books, at plays, etc. etc. etc. I especially hate it when my "Mommy" buttons are pushed by some super-sentimental movie, and I get turned into a bawling mess, whether or not whatever I'm watching is any good. Oh yea, and I cry during Beauty and the Beast, even though I know it has a happy ending every. single. time.

8. I have a rather embarassingly large knowledge of show tunes and camp songs, which I am rather fond of belting out whenever I get the chance. My family, however, is slightly less than thrilled when I go into my five hundred and fifty-third rendition of "On Top of Spaghetti" (Which I got in trouble for singing once as a kid, my dad told me to "Sing it right, Julie!" But I had no idea it was a parody of "On Top of Ole Smokey," so I thought I *was* singing it right.)

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Lisa Clarke said...

I'm right there with you on #1 and #7...