Thursday, November 1, 2007

And we're off!!!

So, today commences National Novel Writing Month!

50,000 words in thirty days - it's become a November tradition for me. I was actualy thinking of skipping it this year, but my daughter signed up to participate in the young writers program, and I swung by the forums, and realized that I couldn't imagine November going by without an attempt at a craptacular novel! (It's all about the process and not the product here.)

One of the participants they interviewed last year talked about "creative cross-pollination" and for me, that's exactly what it is. Every creative thing I do feeds a slightly different part of my brain, and one informs the other. I call this "cross-procrastination" and I'm always a bit surprised by how much I always manage to accomplish in November.

This is the first year I will also have a part-time job during the month, so we'll see how my word count goes as the month progresses.

P.S.: The word count is currently at 2,451! Go me. ;)

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