Friday, December 7, 2007

But what about Socialization?

Apparently, the public schools where I live need a special curriculum for teaching "social and emotional skills"

Teaching Kids Socialization

I find this bizarre, especially since we homeschoolers get asked about socialization so very often. (What? Do they think that parents have no social skills to share with their children?) But really, the environment in public schools is so bassakwards that they need a special lesson plan to teach these basic life lessons, things that most kids would pick up just from living in the day to day world and interacting with other people!

I love the quote from the superintendent,
"We're finding we have more and more children who have no sense of belonging," Vagner said. Hmmm, really? (sarcasm alert) You lock kids away from the world, from their families, from people of different ages for most of their day, and for some reason they have no sense of belonging? shocking!

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