Monday, January 21, 2008

Staying out of the way...

So, wee Zorro is feeling a bit puny today, but is also rather bored of laying on the couch. So I asked Bannanarama to read a story to him. She started while I was in the room, read two sentences, and stopped.

"I'm bad at this, I'm horrible at reading aloud." she said.

I told her, "I thought you were doing fine." And promptly stepped back out of the room. I am, modesty aside, rather good at reading aloud. (I studied theater in college, y'know.) So I think she's comparing herself, someone who has relatively little experience reading aloud, to me, who's had some thirty odd years to hone the skill. In a few minutes, I heard her begin the story again, and she is still reading now. (And doing a damn fine job, may this proud Momma mention.) I think perhaps having me close by was making her just a tad bit too self-conscious.

I've always felt that I wanted to be there for my children, to actually parent them, raise them, and not turn them over to the state for education. But sometimes, the most important thing I can do is just to get out of their way.

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