Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Letterboxing Adventure!

What is letterboxing? It's part treasure hunt, part adventure, part art project. to find out more.

At the beginning:

Here's a little bit about Edson Fitcher, the wildlife artist and biologist who the park is named after:
Memories of Edson Fitcher

And after tracking down the clues, here's G3 and Zorro sitting down to stamp their logbooks, and leave their stamps in the letterbox's log:

And a tired puppy resting in Bannarama's backpack as we make our way back to the car:

This was a *really* fun letterbox to find. I worked with Zorro to create his very own new signature stamp with fun foam, and it turned out really nice. (If you want to see his stamp, you'll just have to find one of the letterboxes we've stamped into, but I will be putting up a mini tutorial on making a stamp from a kids drawing later on this week.)


jkziel said...

I've never heard of this before, off to check off the site.

Julie said...

It's completely fun! (And the more letterboxers there are, the more boxes there will be to find - it's part of my evil plan mwahahahaha! ;))