Friday, August 1, 2008

Hockey with Cousins...

So, with energetic visiting cousins right next door, we thought it would be fun for them to come to hockey practice with us. This is the kids in varying stages of being able to stand on skates. Our kids skate at H&R Inline Hockey. We love this place - the people who run it are so friendly, and the whole atmosphere is low pressure and fun.

This is "Coach Glenn" a.k.a. Uncle Glenn giving some pointers to the youngest cuz. He was having a hard time skating, but you've never seen such a determined kid. Glenn's enjoying coaching the kids.

And what better way to finish off a successful practice, than with ICE CREAM!! (We love this little Ice Cream shop - it's Farr Better Ice Cream, and oh joy of joys! They have huckleberry ice cream! Reasonably priced huckleberry ice cream, even!)

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