Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plums, plums, plums...

Our plum tree has *lots* of plums this year:

I mean **LOTS!!**

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PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

Mmmmmmmm..... I gleaned a BUNCH of Plums from our neighbors tree myself this year... LOTS of them! (They're over-the-road-truckers and we watch their property for them and we're allowed to take whatever fruit from the trees that we want... Otherwise it falls on the ground and rots...) I froze a whole bunch of them. Just washed 'em, pitted 'em, quarted them (leaving the skin on) and froze them in three 1/2 cup portions... they make AMAZING Crisps... Tastes like Cherry Pie!! Let me know if you need a good Crisp recipe (I just used the one that is posted on 'Group').

Big Hugs,