Monday, December 29, 2008

Rockin' Out!

Does this really need any more explanation than "We got Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas?" And, um...I had a little too much fun playing with Photoshop?!

My First...

And Quite Possibly my last...

My first Lino Block print! (Told you I would post it eventually, didn't I?) It was cool to pull that first print, but now that the cuts on my hands are slowly healing, I think I will stick to carving erasers and soft carving media! I wanted to try wood block printing as well but, um, this experience may have dissuaded me from that.

My "Making Stamps from Kids Drawings" project was printed yesterday in the "online" section of our local newspaper. (I had shared it with our "Pocatello Parents" section of their website.) If you'd like to give it a try, the original tutorial (with lotsa pics) is here:
Making Stamps from Children's Drawings

Polymer Clay Gossip!

Pssst! Guess what? I'm the new polymer clay editor at the Craft Gossip blog! I get to scour the web every week for cool polymer clay stuff, and share it on the blog. How very fun! Come check it out and say hello:
Polymer Clay at Craft Gossip
You can check out the other subjects that are covered at Craft Gossip while you are there - they have everything from sewing to bath and body to recycled crafts!
Craft Gossip Blog

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have a juicy little tidbit of gossip....

And I'm going to share...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey! Pssssst!

Hey, you!

I have some very exciting news coming up! Watch this space for a special announcement on Monday morning!

Clearly, the snowman was evil...

And needed to die -

Actually, I was told that this was a zombie snowman, and were it not for my daughter's swift action with a handy ice sickle off the eaves of the house, it would have had a snack of my brains in mind. Which, I'm guessing, would have meant one helluva ice cream headache!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all...

From our family to yours..
Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All...

And to all a good night!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Candyland..

Just finished these ornaments this afternoon (nothing like a little holiday procrastination, right?)

These are going to various family members. (So if you're related to me - you didn't see this! :)) They look very candy-ish to me!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let It snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow!!

Glenn put up our Christmas tree last night:

This is a cute little artificial tree we've had since our very first Christmas together! (I know nothing beats the smell of a real tree, but we are just too busy and have too many critters to make a real tree feasible) It looked much bigger in our first basement apartment, lol!

We have snow here, lots and lots of snow:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Traveling Clay Box

So, in the wild and wonderful world of parenting, I'm the goalie mom. This can be nerve-wracking at times. So much responsibility! My little guy is the last line of defense! I find it helps to have something to do with my hands, other than just, y'know, chew on my fingernails.

I created this small travel box for my clay. I used a plastic pencil box, the kind you find just about anywhere you find other school supplies. It's small enough to slip in my backpack or tote bag when we are heading out to the rink.

This is it closed - it opens to reveal...

Taa-daa! A mini claying studio! Nestled within are several blocks of clay, an acrylic roller, some popsickle/craft sticks (more about those later,) a small ceramic tile, and...

Tools! Must have tools! I have the Studio by Sculpey multi-tool, so it was the work of a minute to glue magnets to the top of the box to hold the different attachments. I also have one to hold a wallpaper scraping blade, my cutting blade of choice. (I like the shorter length, and the fact that I can get them from the paint store that is darn near across the street from my house - makes it easy to keep myself in sharp blades!)

Now, about those popsickle sticks.

I use these by placing them on either side of the clay. They are guidelines for rolling out fairly consistent sheets of clay, since pasta machines just aren't all that portable. I have a couple that are two sticks glued together for rolling out slightly thicker sheets.


So, I tried the lino-block printing thing today. (Hey, I probably should have been working on Christmas presents - cross-procrastination at it's best!)

I will show you a pic, but the ink is still tacky, so I'm waiting for it to dry overnight before I scan it in.

My first impression? Ow. Owie! Ouch! I managed to cut myself (I was really trying to carve away from myself, I promise!)

I think I've been spoiled and softened by all of the years carving into soft carving media - it's much easier to get an eraser to behave than a lino block. I kept accidentally lifting up too much material with my carving tool, or getting wavy lines when I wanted straight ones.

So in summary, it was hard to carve, I hurt myself, and the process was not as enjoyable as I thought it might be.

HOWEVER! I have a whole new respect for those that use this medium!

I think I will stick to my nice, soft, erasers.

Do Vampires Celebrate Christmas?


It was a nice day today, we all just hung out and spent time together working on our own various projects. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, just time to "hang out."

Here's Bannanarama drawing while Kalli supervises:

And was she drawing sweet visions of sugarplums that were dancing in her head? Well, um, no:

I suppose vampires and ghosts and ghoulies need a holiday as well! (Or is it just that we all love The Nightmare Before Christmas?)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So it's over there....

In my craft supplies....something new, that I haven't tried.

There is a brand new linoleum block waiting to be carved!

I've done lots (and lots and lots and lots - well, so many that I have lost count) of hand-carved stamps with erasers and "soft carving media" but I haven't ever tried lino-cut printing. We stopped by the art store one day because I needed new carving knives, and there they were... these lovely blank brown blocks with wood bases.

So I'm going to try it out. Soon, I promise! (See, and now that it has been publicly declared I *have* to try it, right?

Birthday cakes and Friendship

We celebrated Zorro's B-day on Sunday. Despite being worn out from a weekend of dance performances, could I resist the allure of lazer tag? The answer to that question would be "NO!" (I even managed to obtain the high score on the first game! Go me!)

The best part of a birthday party? Spending time with friends, of course!

Don't you love how they can't resist doing bunny ears to each other?

Of course, the cake ain't half bad either.

Baked by Bannanarama, and decorated by Bannanarama, Glenn, and possibly with Zorro's supervision. (I was at rehearsal when this magnificent creation was being forged!) This is the "breakaway drill" that they do in hockey practice. Notice that one side has a happy goalie (that's Zorro!) and the other side has a not-happy goalie. They explained it all to me, but I'm afraid I didn't quite understand.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That's a big foot!

No, not Bigfoot, silly, but a big foot!

Zorro checking out how his foot would measure up to the foot of a dinosaur. A pleiosaur maybe? I don't remember for sure.

Giving Thanks - to Mom!

I put together this basket for my mother on Thanksgiving. (I was mighty thankful that she was up at the crack of dawn cooking so we could enjoy a delicious meal!)

Polymer clay napkin rings and polymer clay covered salt and pepper shakers:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Outside the museum

There is a wonderful sculpture!

It's Self-Portrait Thursday

AND I have fun new hair to show off!
My favorite - as evidenced by my new profile pic! The feet were an accident, I was intending to crop them out, but I ended up liking them, so they are there! (yes, I'm wearing leg warmers with stirrups. I'm a dancer - I'm allowed! ;))

Here's a close-up:

And the obligatory self-portrait in the mirror looking sorta serious shot:

(and yes, those earrings, the necklace and the sparkly green pony holders are my creations. :))