Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday cakes and Friendship

We celebrated Zorro's B-day on Sunday. Despite being worn out from a weekend of dance performances, could I resist the allure of lazer tag? The answer to that question would be "NO!" (I even managed to obtain the high score on the first game! Go me!)

The best part of a birthday party? Spending time with friends, of course!

Don't you love how they can't resist doing bunny ears to each other?

Of course, the cake ain't half bad either.

Baked by Bannanarama, and decorated by Bannanarama, Glenn, and possibly with Zorro's supervision. (I was at rehearsal when this magnificent creation was being forged!) This is the "breakaway drill" that they do in hockey practice. Notice that one side has a happy goalie (that's Zorro!) and the other side has a not-happy goalie. They explained it all to me, but I'm afraid I didn't quite understand.

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