Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, I tried the lino-block printing thing today. (Hey, I probably should have been working on Christmas presents - cross-procrastination at it's best!)

I will show you a pic, but the ink is still tacky, so I'm waiting for it to dry overnight before I scan it in.

My first impression? Ow. Owie! Ouch! I managed to cut myself (I was really trying to carve away from myself, I promise!)

I think I've been spoiled and softened by all of the years carving into soft carving media - it's much easier to get an eraser to behave than a lino block. I kept accidentally lifting up too much material with my carving tool, or getting wavy lines when I wanted straight ones.

So in summary, it was hard to carve, I hurt myself, and the process was not as enjoyable as I thought it might be.

HOWEVER! I have a whole new respect for those that use this medium!

I think I will stick to my nice, soft, erasers.

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