Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Traveling Clay Box

So, in the wild and wonderful world of parenting, I'm the goalie mom. This can be nerve-wracking at times. So much responsibility! My little guy is the last line of defense! I find it helps to have something to do with my hands, other than just, y'know, chew on my fingernails.

I created this small travel box for my clay. I used a plastic pencil box, the kind you find just about anywhere you find other school supplies. It's small enough to slip in my backpack or tote bag when we are heading out to the rink.

This is it closed - it opens to reveal...

Taa-daa! A mini claying studio! Nestled within are several blocks of clay, an acrylic roller, some popsickle/craft sticks (more about those later,) a small ceramic tile, and...

Tools! Must have tools! I have the Studio by Sculpey multi-tool, so it was the work of a minute to glue magnets to the top of the box to hold the different attachments. I also have one to hold a wallpaper scraping blade, my cutting blade of choice. (I like the shorter length, and the fact that I can get them from the paint store that is darn near across the street from my house - makes it easy to keep myself in sharp blades!)

Now, about those popsickle sticks.

I use these by placing them on either side of the clay. They are guidelines for rolling out fairly consistent sheets of clay, since pasta machines just aren't all that portable. I have a couple that are two sticks glued together for rolling out slightly thicker sheets.


ebbandflo said...

what a brilliant idea! yay for portable crafting!

Michelle said...

very neat idea!