Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road Trip!

On Sunday morning, we headed out for a trek to Utah to watch the Grizzlies and Steelheads do battle upon the ice! On our way there, we were treated to the rockin' sounds of the new band "Cheese for Dinner:"

Auntie Arika and Uncle Chris with the "Birthday Princess" These are college friends of ours who remember back when Bannanarama was a wee little thing.

The crew at "Crazy Jim's" buffet. I ate something with tentacles (Octopus? Squid? who knows?) Glenn had Questionable Sushi, and Arika and I tried the "rice crispy things that were made with fruity pebbles and fruit loops instead of rice crispies" I discovered that I can't eat something that looks back at me (the shrimp still had eyes attached) and all in all, it was a very...interesting dining experience.

Yay! after several wrong turns, we found the rink!

It's hockey time!

oops! We had to wait while they fixed the boards - that really *was* a hard hit, I guess!


Zorro with the Utah Grizzlies mascot, Grizzbee

Grizzbee pestering Bannanarama.

He shoots, He scores! The Steelheads celebrating their overtime win:

We headed for home, but ended up having an unplanned slumber party in Brigham City:

Because the weather got horrible and the roads really bad around about Ogden. In the morning, there was lots of snow!

Finally, a bit of sun:

And headed home:

A collaboration

I made these magnets over the weekend - they were a collaboration between my daughter and I, she carved the girl stamps that I used. They now live on the fridge at my kid's honorary Aunt and Uncle's house in SLC. And yes, a few of those girls do have fangs, DD is quite the fan of vampires!

I'm quite impressed with my picture, actually - I took it with the magnets balanced on my leg in the car during our weekend road trip. I was sure they were all going to turn out horribly blurry, but they actually look quite nice!

Seriously, this is how I was taking pictures, sitting in the front seat of the car:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let me Call you Sweetheart...

Two brand new heart-shaped polymer clay brooches just in time for Valentine's day! Available at my ArtFire shop: http://dancinjules.artfire.com

Friday, January 9, 2009


Zorro...working hard to create his very first mini-comic "Loading" We used the tutorial to make a booklet out of one sheet of paper that we found here:
This is fun, because after he made it we scanned it in and made a few copies. So we can share it with the grandparents!

A fun project, just for me...

So, I had this old dresser (it's the one I had as a kid) in my kitchen, currently put to use storing yarn and paper. Fed up with the boring finish, one day I decoupaged some old pattern papers on the top two drawers, and the pattern packages on the one below. And then it sat. Finally, over the holidays, I painted it, resulting in this. Quite fun, I think!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A lil' Patch o' Blue!

After days of gray, cold, and windy weather I was quite happy to see even this tiny little patch of blue sky yesterday!


How could we have known? How could we possibly have guessed? We knew this was important, of course, but...
We drove to the hospital that day, and met you for the very first time, and...

WOW!!!This was some serious, serious love.
Oh, there would be sleepless nights, and plenty of tears, but you were so very, very wonderful!

And now you are growing up into this AMAZING person, creative and kind, intelligent, funny, and interesting. I'm so glad to be your Mom!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009