Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boise Trip

It might look like magic, but it's...SCIENCE!

The power of the pulley!  Hoisting himself up.

Checking out the eyes - watching the pupils do their thing.  (I, the ever-squeamish about all things to do with eyes, skipped this one.)

A couple of pictures from our trip to Boise.  (For hockey, what else?  Although these aren't hockey pictures)

We spent a couple hours at the Discovery Center of Idaho.  So much fun!  Just as much fun for the adults as the kids really.  And once again I wonder how I ever found science to be a dull and dry subject.  It's so very cool!

 I would love to have a hands-on museum like this close by.  This also inspired our ventures into stop-motion animation, because one of the exhibits was a set-up where you could make your own 20-frame video.


Linda said...

Julie.....I am very lame when it comes to knowing how to look at my comments and then even more so when it comes to leaving a comment for someone else......I hope that you find this in time!!!

Your "stuff" is very cute....I still have outdoor space at the festival so give me a call if you are fact, give me a call anyway as I will have a couple more shows this fall that may fit your time schedule better! My number is 251.4984 and my name is Linda......that must be on my blog somewhere! I hope to hear from you soon.....

LS said...

Places like that are great. I grew up maybe 40 minutes away from the Seattle Science Center, and never really got to go.

I kinda wanna start going there now, but I think it would be creepy since I don't presently own any children.