Monday, January 10, 2011

Accidental Fish

Pretty little fishies!  This sort of thing happens at our house.  We have snakes, you see.  Two little garter snakes.  We usually feed them frozen mice, with the occasional feeder fish.  Except the last time we got fish the snakes decided they wanted nothing to do with them.  And there were a couple that I thought were really pretty and was sad to think of them becoming snake food.  So we put them in a small plastic aquarium.  Which my poor daughter had to change the water in every. single. day.  For about two week straight.  

So, today we went to the pet store for the snakes' "gourmet rodent."  (Really, they come in a package that is labeled "gourmet rodent."  It cracks me up when I open up the freezer and see it.)   And then we picked up an aquarium with a proper filter and a light and everything for our fish.  It's rather soothing, the light, the rippling and gurgling of the water, the movement of the fish.  Our accidental fish.  

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